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Fit3D Body Scans

A Fit3D Full Body Scan can help you achieve the body results you’re looking for!

Fit3D is Free for all our members. $20 for non-members.

About Fit3D

Fit3D has worked with the leading health and wellness institutions from around the world, including UCSF, LSU, Ryerson University, SF Austin State, and others. Through these partnership, Fit3D will revolutionize how we evaluate our health and wellness through body shape–where mass sets within our bodies–as opposed to other more antiquated metrics like BMI and total body fat percentage. In about 35 seconds the scanner captures your weight, balance, and anthropometric measurements including landmark locations, joint locations, circumferences, heights, surface areas, volumes, sagittal measurements, contours, and widths. All you need to do is setup an account, get scanned and receive the results of your scan.

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Fit3D is Free for all our members. $20 for non-members.