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Maxy Jacobs FIT406 Billings MT

maxy jacobs, owner

Training and sports have always been a staple in my life. I was involved with a traveling basketball team at the age of 10, continued playing throughout my high school years at C.M. Russel High School in Great Falls, MT. I was also involved in other sports and activities; volleyball, softball, track and helped with several basketball camps for elementary aged children as well as assisted with many basketball tournaments.

After high school I continued to participate in city league activities and attended the University of Montana Western where I received a degree in Health and Human Performance. I student taught at Billings Central High school and did some basketball coaching while there.  

Pregnant with my third child I fell in love with the bootcamp workout and quickly realized the benefits it provided. When a position arose to become a trainer at Fit 406 Bootcamp mid-year of 2020, I jumped at the opportunity.

Soon after joining the team at Fit 406 Bootcamp another opportunity arose for me and my sister, we made the decision to become the new owners!

The Best Trainers in Billings

April Hamrell

I have always been involved in sports and enjoy physical activity. I started participating in Bootcamp style workouts 5 years ago. I’ve noticed that exercise has helped me with my anxiety. I’m Group Fitness Certified and love cardio and strength training. I think this is why I enjoy Bootcamp style workout. It never gets boring to me and when your done you feel like you have jump started your whole body! So, come sweat with me during a class!

april hamrell

“Exercise helps me with my anxiety. so, come sweat with me during a class.”

Jen Paulson

I grew up in the small town of Cut Bank, Montana, but have lived in Billings for 19 years now.  I am a RN Clinical Supervisor on the Medical-surgical/Neuro/Trauma unit at St Vincent Healthcare, where I’ve been a nurse for 15 years now.  I absolutely live and breathe my amazing husband Mike and our awesome kiddos Peyton (12), Hadley (5) and Trey (4). 

Growing up I was always active in sports & physical activities, but I really started to enjoy working out during my college years. After having my 3rd child it became harder to stay focused & get a workout in at home without constant interruptions or other priorities pulling me away.  That was when I first experienced and fell in love with group fitness classes.  When the opportunity to coach at Fit 406 presented itself, I didn’t know how it would fit in with my busy schedule of a part-time nursing career that I love and juggling the chaos of our three busy kids.  But I knew I HAD to find a way, because this is not a ‘job’ for me.  This is my PASSION.  This is what sets my heart on fire and fills my cup.

I firmly believe, & hope to instill in others, that working out & being active & healthy is SO much more than the way we look or a number on the scale.  It is about taking that time out of your day to invest in yourself, to work toward that best version of yourself, whatever that may be.  It is about showing up & being grateful for the ability to move our bodies in the way we do & not taking that for granted.  During our workouts I like to remind people to show themselves grace, to engage in positive self-talk & to be dang proud of the work that they are doing!  People walk through our doors for a number of reasons.  Maybe working out is your sanity, your stress relief…helping you to be a better spouse, parent, friend, co-worker, etc.  Maybe you do have a weight loss goal in mind, a body fat percentage you’ve always dreamed of, or you want to see a lab value improve so you can finally get off of those medications you’ve been on.  Maybe you want to run a 5K someday, a ½ marathon, a marathon…maybe you want to be able to do those pushups on your toes or finally get an unassisted pullup.  No matter your intentions, your goals, your desires, your dreams, your reasons for working out with us here at Fit 406….trust me when I say they matter to us.  They matter to me and I will do ANYTHING & EVERYTHING in my power to help you achieve those goals and to feel proud & accomplished, strong & motivated every single step of the way.  I will be your biggest fan & your number one supporter.  We WILL reach those goals together & we will have so much fun along the way.  Thank you to those who put their trust in us to coach you on this journey of health, wellness and fitness.  You all inspire me more than you could ever know, and I am grateful for the many ways in which you & Fit 406 Bootcamp fill my cup! 

“Being active & healthy is SO much more than the way we look or a number on the scale.”

Asjah Contreras

I was born and raised in Billings, MT, and now raise my two kids in Laurel with my husband. I spent most my teenage years obsessing over unhealthy diets and using exercise as punishment. I was never “good enough” for myself. It wasn’t until I found group bootcamp style workouts that I realized taking care of your body was so much more than being skinny. Working out could actually be fun! Feeling strong felt so much better than worrying about what the scale had to say. My main goal became how I could take what I’d learned to raise my kids to have that body positive outlook that took me so long to find. Mental and physical health really do go hand in hand. My passion is sharing my love for fitness and healthy living. Everyone should love all their body is capable of. There’s no better feeling than pushing yourself to do your best with your gym family cheering you on. I’m here to give you that extra motivation and help you build a positive relationship between yourself and health/fitness.

april hamrell

“Taking care of your body is so much more than being skinny. my passion is sharing my love for fitness and healthy living.”


How I became a trainer is somewhat of a long story. However, it can be compartmentalized into one statement. I knew if I could better myself, anyone can. After the events following that epiphany, I immersed myself in learning as much about the human body and how it moves. Even before I gained my NASM certification, I wanted to know how and why certain forms of exercise and routines benefit the body the most.
After nearly 8 years of training, I still have so much to learn and am constantly humbled by being able to share my ever expanding knowledge base with everyone I come across! Practice makes progress, not perfection… I’ve always disliked when others say “practice makes perfect”. That term suggests that one can attain a plateau, and that’s simply not true. You can always strive to get better and expand your intended skill sets.
With that being said, a life of health and wellness has opened up so many doors to activities and things that will always be available to one who considers their well being! Most recently, in the form of skiing! It’s an activity that forced me out of so many comfort zones and is unequivocally a practice makes progress sport. Which is why I fell in love with it. Just like health and wellness, you can either let fear and doubt cloud your progression. Or you can push thru and reap the benefits of the hard work.

you can either let fear and doubt cloud your progression. Or you can push thru and reap the benefits of the hard work.


I grew up in a very active family, and was always involved in sports. I played volleyball, basketball, softball, track…you name it. If I wasn’t playing sports, I was busy camping and enjoying the outdoors. I became a group fitness instructor when my second daughter was born. I have taken many trainings over the years and have taught several different formats, but I love the variety and the challenges that bootcamp has to offer.

I firmly believe in an active lifestyle, and have seen many lives changed through fitness. Working out can improve so many different aspects of our lives. Physically, mentally, emotionally. Being active helps us be the best versions of ourselves. The hardest part is committing. Try to make each workout as important as a doctors appointment…find an accountability partner…do whatever it takes to get to the gym because YOU ARE WORTH IT.

And always remember that, “The heaviest weight in the gym is the front door.” Ed Latimore

april hamrell

“do whatever it takes to get to the gym because YOU ARE WORTH IT”

Markaela Francis

I am the baby of seven, my entire life revolves around being active. I grew up watching my brother and sisters playing various sports and soon began playing sports as well. I played high school volleyball, softball, basketball, and golf.
Cardio and strength training have always played a crucial role in my sports preparation. After graduation I went onto play basketball at Rocky Mountain College. After graduating college, I joined the RMC Women’s Basketball coaching staff as the Head JV Coach and Varsity Assistant coach. I love the variety bootcamp style workouts offer. I’ve always said, the hardest part of going to the gym is showing up. Come show up to Fit 406 and get a workout in with me!

“I’ve always said the hardest part of going to the gym is showing up”

Danielle Forsyth

Growing up I swam competitively and danced. I was always outside or at the gym taking a yoga class until I injured my back the last year of high school. After that I took a year-long break from physical activity. Coming back from this break I took it slow and steady. I struggled incorporating exercise back into my routine and accepting that my body was not the same as it had previously been. At Texas A&M I began taking group fitness classes that ranged from Pilates to Boxing Bootcamp to cardio dance. I fell in love with fitness again and trained to be a fitness instructor there. I got my ACE certification along with my cycle, Pilates and a few others. At TAMU I was head of our Pilates program and taught a variety of classes. I taught at TAMU forover 3 years before moving back to Montana. For me, FIT 406 allows me to do the activities I love with ease. After pushing through a hard class my body is prepared for life and its adventures. I can ski, hike, trail run and cycle with ease thanks to class. I am a firm believer that a body in motion tends to stay in motion, so come stay in motion with me.

april hamrell

“Fit 406 allows me to fdo the activities i love with ease”

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